Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Movie Time: The Goods: Live hard, Sell hard

From the people who brought Step brothers and Talladega Nights comes The Goods: Live hard, Sell hard. This movie is very similar to the comedy seen in Step brothers and Talladega. A lot of actors people will recognize are in the movie including Ed Helms, better known as Andy from The Office. Actors from Step brothers are in it as well and easily recognized.

The film could be better, but if you are pretty bored and want an okay movie, this is the one to watch



  1. Say good chap, if you could recommend someone who will watch any film you'd recommend but he would prefer it to be a little dated with a deep storyline, what would you recommend him?

    Also, following.

  2. >Blunka

    Get him to watch any Godfather movie.

    He's probably seen them, but hey.